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Our Story

Who we are and why we’re here.

Meet the people who grow Redemption cannabis. Listen to their stories. Believe in their products. That’s the Redemption way.


Remembering the past, Forging the future.

A portion of each sale of a Redemption product will help support individuals and families disproportionately affected by the war cannabis. Proceeds will benefit those that are still incarcerated, on probation, or trying to get their lives back on track.


The people who believe in Redemption.

Real Leaf Solutions

Nestled away in Kalkaska’s “park-like” industrial zone, the facility was constructed by Real Leaf team to grow the highest quality flower with the most efficiency and care possible.

TRUU Cannabis

A grassroots company cultivated exclusively here in The State’s Capital of Lansing, Michigan. We pride ourselves on having been able to grow the company to include 1 Class A cultivation license, 1 Class C cultivation license, and also a processing facility.

Driven Grow

Driven Grow is an experienced team of operators with a long history of growing some of Michigan’s best flower and advocating for the decriminalization of cannabis in the great state of Michigan!


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Social Equity

February 19, 2020 | featured

This September 2019 article details the social equity program established by Gage Cannabis Company and their decision to make Ryan Basore their first recipient of grant funds. That grant money made the launch of Redemption Cannabis possible. Mr. Basore’s history, some history of the company and an...

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News about Ryan Basore, Redemption, and our partners.

Stand with Black Lives Matter and the Defund the Police Movements

June 23, 2020 |

Like many others, I have watched the recent events of police brutality and extrajudicial killings of black people over these past weeks in horror. I have delaye...

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Michigan cannabis companies to offer customers with marijuana-related convictions “The Redemption Discount”

June 3, 2020 |

Inspired by Redemption Cannabis’ owner Ryan Basore’s story, Pharmhouse Wellness, The Botanical Co. and Om of Medicine are the first to offer a discount prog...

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True Grit

February 19, 2020 |

This online article from September 2019 discusses the role Ryan played in helping Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel win her seat in 2018’s general electio...

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Forming alliances with the best in the industry.