Michigan cannabis companies to offer customers with marijuana-related convictions “The Redemption Discount”

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Redemption Discount

Inspired by Redemption Cannabis’ owner Ryan Basore’s story, Pharmhouse Wellness, The Botanical Co. and Om of Medicine are the first to offer a discount program for people harmed by cannabis prohibition

Michigan — Three Michigan provisioning centers are among the first in the nation to offer customers with cannabis-related convictions on their record a discount for their past troubles. Pharmhouse Wellness in Grand Rapids, The Botanical Co. in Tawas and Om of Medicine in Ann Arbor are offering a 10 percent discount to customers convicted of marijuana-related felonies and a 5 percent discount to those convicted of marijuana-related misdemeanors.

The “Redemption Discount” is inspired by the story of Ryan Basore, owner and CEO of Redemption Cannabis, who spent three years in federal prison from 2013 to 2016 for charges related to serving as a medical marijuana caregiver. After completing his sentence, Basore continued to dedicate his time and energy on legalizing and legitimizing the cannabis industry. He organized activists to support Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s successful election campaign, worked to pass the state’s 2018 adult-use legalization law and helped start the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association.

Earlier this year, Basore launched the Redemption Cannabis line of products with a mission to dedicate 10 percent of all proceeds to helping those who have been harmed by marijuana prohibition. Support will include grants for job skills training programs, prisoner re-entry initiatives, expungement clinics and more.

“Ryan and everyone else who caught a charge pushing this industry forward created opportunities for many people. With this discount, we ensure they’re recognized for the sacrifice they made for cannabis. We’re grateful to announce it in coordination with the launch of Redemption Cannabis Company at Pharmhouse Wellness,” said Pharmhouse Wellness Manager Chris Silva.

“This discount program is just one of the many ways we plan on supporting the cannabis reform movement,” said The Botanical Company CEO Russ Chambers. “It’s wrong that people with cannabis charges on their records continue to be punished at a time when we have full legalization in this state. The Botanical Co. stands in full support of Ryan and the Redemption brand’s fight to right the wrongs of prohibition.”

“We have been working side-by-side with Ryan from the very beginning of cannabis legalization in Michigan and have followed his story closely,” said Om of Medicine co-founder Mark Passerini. “It is an honor to offer this discount to patients and customers like him who have helped build the foundation of our industry in the face of the injustice of prohibition.”

None of the provisioning centers will require paper proof of a conviction. PharmHouse is offering the discount on all cannabis products while The Botanical Co. and Om of Medicine are discounting Redemption brand products only to correspond with the launch of Redemption’s product sales.

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