Redemption Cannabis partners with Rair and Luxury Loud to bring highly popular strains to Michigan provisioning centers

 Michigan – Redemption Cannabis announced today new partnerships that will bring two new growers under its brand name. Growers Rair and Luxury Loud will produce several strains exclusive to Redemption.  

“Michigan cannabis consumers know a great product when they see, smell and taste it, and the demand for quality cannabis from independent operators has never been higher,” said Redemption CEO Ryan Basore. “Luxury Loud and Rair have impressed me both for the quality of their flower as well as their integrity as business operators. They didn’t get into this industry to make a quick buck. They are in it for the long haul because they are passionate about the cannabis plant and criminal justice reform.”  

Rair is a Jackson-based grow operation that utilizes a highly technical aeroponic process designed to reduce the chance of contamination while allowing for real-time nutrient adjustments that maximizes the unique characteristics of each plant.  

Redemption-branded Rair flower will include Mimosa and Orange Daiquiri. This partnership will be the first time that Rair is partnering with another brand to bring its flower to new stores. Consumers can expect to see Redemption-branded Rair products on shelves by the end of the month. 

“We pride ourselves on growing exceptional cannabis to the very highest standards, which is one of the reasons we only sell our own flower in our stores,” said Rair Chief Operating Officer Patrick Frakes. “As we watched the Redemption brand establish itself in Michigan, it became clear that our companies are a great fit for each other. Both are extremely selective about the flower we offer, and both of us have a passion for social justice and undoing the harms of prohibition.”  

Luxury Loud shares a similar background to Redemption, with their co-founder Marko Malinowski also being targeted by law enforcement for his past role in cannabis cultivation. The Detroit-based grow, processing and packaging operation is the only “farm-to-table” company in southeastern Michigan and prides itself on sourcing hard-to-find plant genetics and growing them to exacting standards.  

Redemption will offer Luxury Loud’s Runtz, Mochi and Gushers strains to all stores that Redemption supplies in pre-packaged 1/8ths and pre-rolls. Redemption packaged products will be co-branded with Luxury Loud and shipping to stores in the next 2-3 weeks.  

“There are a lot of companies entering Michigan’s cannabis market, but only a handful are doing it at a level that can command the respect of caregivers who have been doing this for years. Redemption is one of those brands, and we are thrilled to be able to distribute our flower under their name,” said Luxury Loud Founder Marko Malinowski. “That caregiver foundation and respect for the work it takes to grow quality flower is what unites us, and it’s what will ensure our companies are able to compete with the corporate multi-state operators.” 



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