Our Partners

Our Partners

TRUU Cannabis

A grassroots company cultivated exclusively here in The State’s Capital of Lansing, Michigan. We pride ourselves on having been able to grow the company to include 1 Class A cultivation license, 1 Class C cultivation license, and also a processing facility. Kevin Pybus, the company’s CEO and a Michigan native, gathered experience in the industry while spending 13 years in Colorado building and operating cultivation facilities. His lead grower, Ryan Messerschmidt, gained his experience working in Michigan’s caregiver market cultivating some of the best flower the State has to offer. Both Kevin and Ryan have been negatively affected by the prohibition of cannabis over the years and empathize with those who have been affected, and continue to be affected, by this failed war. We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Redemption brands to be able to give back to our brothers and sisters fighting cannabis prohibition.

Real Leaf Solutions

A family-owned and operated Class C Cultivator located in beautiful Northwestern Lower Peninsula. Nestled away in Kalkaska’s “park-like” industrial zone, the facility was constructed by Real Leaf team to grow the highest quality flower with the most efficiency and care possible. Real Leaf Solutions is a family operation, run by Tom Beller and his wife, Krista with a family-centered/local community approach. They recognize that the war on cannabis has unjustly affected many innocent men and women, along with their families. R L Solutions is confident that our partnership with Redemption will help bring positive change and balance back to those affected.

Driven Grow

A privately held Class C licensed grower in northern Michigan. Driven Grow was one of the first state-licensed growers in Michigan and has been growing high-quality flowers since April 2019. Driven Grow is an experienced team of operators with a long history of growing some of Michigan’s best flower and advocating for the decriminalization of cannabis in the great state of Michigan! Andrew is the CEO of Driven Grow, a medical cannabis patient, and as a paraplegic who knows firsthand the real medical benefits of cannabis. Andrew also knows first hand the negative impact cannabis prohibition has had in the lives of many people. Prior to Michigan legalizing medical cannabis in 2008, Andrew was put behind bars in 2006 for using medical cannabis to treat ailments associated with his spinal cord injury. The entire team that makes up Driven Grow looks forward to working with Redemption to help bring positive change and more opportunities to people who have been negatively affected by the war on drugs.

Gage Cannabis

Gage is setting the industry standard for quality in craft cannabis products and service, cultivating and innovating expressions that empower patients to make the most of the plant’s benefits in their lives.

Fresh Coast Extracts

Fresh Coast Extracts is a full-service processing company providing custom extraction, refinement, formulation services and packaging for cultivators, brands and provisioning centers throughout Michigan. Fresh Coast Extracts utilizes premium extraction technology and end-to-end supply chain, allowing them to provide a complete range of services that include toll processing, co-packing, and private labeling.

Fresh Coast Extracts implemented an extraction system that is a dominant mix of versatility and scalability. The system has been designed to exceed industry standards for safety of and operation and provides a full range of extraction solutions that increase potency and purity while reducing undesirable waste in the final product.

Fresh Coast Extracts will also be launching an in-house brand called Rill™ later this year. This full-spectrum extract product line will to use Rill™ as a vehicle to provide the community with direct social giveback opportunities across the state. With this license, they are excited to have the ability to start their first of many planned social welfare initiatives that fulfill this mission.