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A Redemption partner from the beginning, TRUU Cannabis is owned and operated by Kevin Pybus and headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. TRUU Cannabis’ flower has fueled Redemption’s wildly successful line of live resin cartridges since our launch. 

With standout strains like Willie’s Escape Cake and Agent Orange, TRUU Cannabis has provided many Michiganders an opportunity to experience the magic of live resin for the first time in a convenient, portable and affordable format.

TRUU Cannabis has been an ardent advocate of cannabis rights across Michigan. Owner Kevin Pybus knows the frustration and limitations a past cannabis conviction can cause and was a client of the Great Lakes Expungement Network.


Family owned and operated by Tom and Krista Beller, Real Leaf Solutions takes cannabis quality and care to a league of its own. Locationed in the forests of Kalkaska, Real Leaf Solutions is a leader in northern Michigan’s rapidly exploding cannabis community.

We often refer to Real Leaf products as having that “Real Leaf Magic” which is why they have partnered with Redemption for pheno-hunts that produced the strain Apex. Apex crosses Real Leaf’s legendary Lilac Diesel with Mandarin Cookies for amazing effect.

Tom Beller is a regular co-host on The Smokin’ Rope Podcast where he brings his tomes of cannabis knowledge to the Michigan cannabis industry audience. Real Leaf has long been an integral gear in the fight to right the wrongs of cannabis prohibition by actively supporting The Redemption Foundation and its partners including the Great Lakes Expungement Network (GLEN), Sons & Daughters United and the Michigan Cannabis Freedom Coalition (MCFC).

Based in Frederic, Michigan, Driven Grow is vertically integrated and the main cultivator and processor of Redemption Cannabis flower, prerolls and concentrates. Owned and operated by former caregiver Drew Driver, Driven Grow brought top Redemption strains like Mafia Funeral, Gooberry, Pineapple Express and Forbidden Jelly to the Michigan regulated market.

As a commitment to creating Michigan jobs, Driven Grow employees nearly 100 staff between their grow and processing operations. A long term champion for cannabis activism, Driven Grow has proudly supported The Redemption Foundation and continues to fight for caregiver rights across Michigan.

Redemption Cannabis would not have been possible without the support of GAGE Cannabis Co. Redemption CEO Ryan Basore was awarded a $50,000 grant as part of a social equity program to help those harmed by the War on Drugs. The grant allowed Basore to launch Redemption Cannabis, which sends 10 percent of all proceeds to helping others harmed by the War on Drugs, including job skills training programs, prisoner re-entry initiatives, expungement clinics, and more.

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